What to do, Now? I was laying one of the beds in Intensive Care Unit in Vinay Vishal Health Care Hospital. I was already having diabetics and now the worst virus – COVID 19 came into my body as unwanted and uninvited guest. Things get complicated so quickly due to my age (55 years) and … Continue reading WHAT TO DO, NOW

A Big Small

One..two..three…No success and not even sound of starter motor this time. My car deceived me in a right time like my ‘good’ friend. I was waiting in a traffic signal to take a U turn and my car was the first in line. Within few seconds, cars waiting behind me started to honk and I … Continue reading A Big Small


Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3 - Boeing 777-300 flight EK522 was preparing its journey to Trivandrum. Flight was almost full. Mainly, passengers were from Kerala, a tiny state of India  and few passengers of other nationalities also seated who were travelling to Kerala as tourists. It was pleasant winter, a correct season to visit. Travel … Continue reading MISSED MISSION