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Thank You, Emirates (35D to 8F)

Recently, I travelled to India for medical treatment of urinary infection (UI). Since it was National Day holidays in Oman, direct flight from MCT to TRV was very high. Hence, I opted to Emirates via DXB which was very low. Prior to departure, I checked online and selected aisle seats near the lavatory so that it would be convenient for me. The flight from MCT was delayed by an hour and reached DXB around 12.30 AM. Hurriedly, I reached from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 which was at the other side of the Airport. Further to add my woes, flight from DXB to TRV also was got delayed by an hour. It was early morning flight and I had no sleep at all. Discomfort from UI also troubled me a lot. After waiting for 3 hours, I came to the Gate for boarding.

The Airline Staff on the counter collected the boarding pass and scanned it. But it failed to accept. So, he tore it off and issued me a new boarding pass and informed me that my seat had changed. I almost lost my control and about to yell at him out of all the frustrations. Then, he uttered these words “Upgraded to Business Class”.

It was just a sweet night surprise. I couldn’t believe it. Then it was true and I was taken to aircraft in a special bus and the travel to TRV in a Business Class was subject of another post.

The amount I paid for the entire journey (return ticket) of MCT-TRV-MCT (via. DXB) was only 1400 Dirhams. But the ticket from DXB-TRV for Business Class alone would cost me around 4500 Dirhams. The flight (Boeing 777-300 ER) on that day was full and total number of Economy Class passengers on board was 304. Why among these 304 passengers, I was selected? Who made the decision? What made me to qualify for this upgradation? The probability was 1 out of 304 and the lot fell on my name.

Sometimes, life brings surprises and it can’t be explained how and why it happened.





The beginning was just an urge for urination. It happened few months ago too but after taking plenty of water it went away. This time it didn’t go even after a week and emptying lots of bottles of water. Very frequently I needed to go to washroom which greatly affected my work, travels and sleep. So, I decided to go to doctor. After, testing of urine, she prescribed few tablets. I swallowed the tablets and yet no improvement in my condition. Meanwhile, I have gone to my country for a short vacation and went to see a doctor in my place, Trivandrum. Tested blood & urine, done ultrasonic scanning but everything was normal. He gave some medicine and I took them correctly. I returned to my workplace with the same condition. Since, no change in the condition, I consulted another doctor and he suggested to again test urine, blood and ultrasonic scanning. Found infection and he gave antibiotics for one week. Even after taking those medicines, no change in my condition.  So, I went to another doctor at different hospital. He referred to test urine again. Then gave me antibiotics and also some tablets for 15 days. During that I felt better but once the course completed again the discomfort appeared.

In the meantime, one thing down on my head – Prayer. I sent messages to all my friends about this problem and requested their prayers. Hopes that God will answer the prayers of faith.

Fortunately, I got weeklong holidays and I decided to go to India for further diagnosis and treatment. I consulted a specialist of urology and took X-Ray, blood test, urine test & Ultra-sonic test. All things were found normal and I too felt lots of improvement in my condition.


Doctors visited  –              5

Urine Test           –              4 Times

Blood Test           –              5 Times

UT Scan                –              3 Times

X-Ray                    –              1 Time

Antibiotic             –              2 Times

Tablets Taken    –              10 Types

Finally, I am healed. This is truly happened and I am having all proofs. So any illness / sickness can be healed by prayers? My answer is ‘yes’ And it is for ‘Free’. In the 21st century, When We are so advanced in Science, is it really believable?  I can tell you from my experience that it is real and 100% believable. So, Medicines cannot heal? Yes, it can and I am not saying that hospitals, doctors and medicines are not necessary but God is the Healer. Faith is the true medicine. Glory to God.

No ‘IF’. Please…..!

I love my son. Like any other Dad.I hate to see him get pain even a small one. But he often troubled with an evil spirit which tear him apart.  One time he fell into fire and really we rescued him with great difficulty. Another time he fell into a lake and fortunately we found him in time to save. He fall down and twisting himself and foam comes out of his mouth. Anyone who sees it, even the one who does not have a heart, sympathize and cry. Child, at his tender age, is undergoing such horrible thing and it is really unbearable to any dad.

I heard about Jesus. Nice guy. He heals the sick and any sickness.Name it and He has healed it. Also He sent His disciples with the same duty. But I really got disappointed. I took my son to them and they could not do anything. They tried but in vain.

When I was so sad, that time I heard the good news that Jesus is around. I took my son and explained all of my misery to him. I begged Him to heal my son with compassion IF He can. ( I thought since His disciples were failed, He may too fail.) He told to me ‘NO IF’. As I am an ordinary human who believe the things that are being seen, mind was failed to fully believe. “If you can believe…” HE throw back the ‘if’ on me. Now, something happened within me and I decided to surrender my unbelief and faith together to HIM.

What happened next…? I got my faith and my son.

Mercy Drops

It was a very pleasant and cloudy morning and I was waiting in a bus stop. There were 3 shelters and the middle one was occupied by two blind people. They were in their mid 40s’ and poorly dressed. They kept a small diesel generator, a music player and two chairs. One person was operating the music system to play karaoke and another one was singing. That person was singing an old movie song and his voice was good. Buses were arriving and departing very frequently as the bus stop was located in the main highway leading to the city. Bus stop was crowded with people in the busy morning hours. Maybe that was one of the reason they chose to conduct their show in this location. And they were not wrong. As I was watching, many people without any difference of age, sex, status and religion were placing currency notes into a plastic bucket that was kept in front of them to collect offerings. What astonished was even school-going children and very old people were joyfully offered their money. Money was dropping in the bucket very generously.  My judgmental mind was thinking that no one would pay any attention to the blind person’s song or to his appeal for help. I was wrong totally.

Still the beat of mercy is alive in the hearts of people. Eyes of humanity is not blinded. Another human’s suffering is felt and influenced to extend their hands with help. It is just awesome to see the humans’ operating in love though it was seldom happens. I too placed my share of mercy into the bucket and walked to the bus that just arrived.


Recently, I shifted to new building for ease of commutation from my office after getting transferred to a new Company. My new apartment is in the 17th floor of the building. The design of the building is not so good as sunlight doesn’t enter the room any part of the day and have to keep the lights on always. When I enter the bedroom in the evening after returning from my work, it was just so dull due to poor light. Some of the furniture to be brought in and fused lights to be replaced. I couldn’t find time to do this during the week days. I needed to put some extra effort and time to adjust with new environment in the new office and reached my apartment always late in the evening. One week has passed and finally, I managed to find electrician and gave the job of replacing all the fused bulbs.

In the evening, I came to my flat. My eyes opened widely. Is it my bedroom? Who changed the window curtains and bed sheets? Everything in the room looked very differently than yesterday. The room was so bright and shining. What happened today? Have I entered into someone else’s apartment? I couldn’t believe my eyes.


Till yesterday, the room was in the darkness and I couldn’t recognize anything clear and correctly. I was unable to enjoy the wonderful colours inside the room.  But the light has made the difference.  And we need LIGHT in our life to see our path clearly.

Is your path lightened? Can you see ahead clearly? Without confusion and doubt you are moving ahead in life? If no…..You need light – The Word.

Psa 119:105  NUN: Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.


This is the most common and widely misunderstood word in the Christian world. We use this word almost for anything and everything which happens to us expectedly and unexpectedly. Whether we did the mistake or not, but it is the easiest thing to put the blame on this word. What is it?

Test or trial.

The meaning of the word I found in the internet is –

Test / Trial – reveal the strengths or capabilities of something or someone by putting them under strain.

Today I was reading about our Father Abraham.  We were told many times by many people about Abraham who endured the so-called-test. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his one and only son to God. I am not going into details of the incident since you knew it very well.

My question is – Why did God need to test Abraham? Did not God know that whether Abraham would obey to God or not? Did not know God the outcome of test? Did God want to know the strength of Abraham? Only after testing would He know the result?

He is not a man but God who knows everything from the beginning to the end.

He knows all. Then, the creator needs to test the creation of His own hand? If He does testing on us to know our strength or capability, that means He does not know something. But that is not the case, you know.

Then, what exactly happened there in Mount Moriah? God was not putting Abraham under test but He was revealing His greatness.

After the test, Abraham knew more about the Lord. He is the God who provides – Jehovah Jireh. He is the God who entered into covenant with man. He is the God who blesses richly in His Grace. And also, He is not the God who snatches away the thing that is very dear and precious to you. He is not the God who has no mercy and demanding human sacrifice. He is not the God who forgets His promise and act randomly.

 Test – it is not to test you but an opportunity to taste HIM.



Woman, quivering with fear, was lying on the ground half naked. She was caught while committing the sin, claimed the accusers. She was brought to Jesus for judgement. The accusers were demanding Jesus to pronounce the judgement. She knew for sure that she was going to be stoned and brutally killed. That was the punishment for adultery as per the Mosaic Law. So, she was so frightened as death was so near to her.

Jesus replied the accusers to stone her to death. But it should be begun by a sinless guy. The one who never sinned can throw the first stone. It was so astonishing. Who could stand there and show the courage to throw the first stone at her? It was obvious that no one could. They started to leave one by one and  you heard this sound.


It was the sound of stones falling one by one.

Now only I was alone left and all others had gone. I was standing there with a stone in my hand. And Jesus looked at me.  The very same look and it was full of passion and love. Asked me,

“Do you want to throw the stone at her?”

That question was so sharp ….and I knew why he asked the question to me…..Because few months back I was caught in the same way and brought in front of HIM for judgement. Jesus saved me from the death. Today, I was standing here with a stone ……

I was not alone who did this….Are you not? How quickly you twist your tongue to judge your next flat friend or your neighbour? Are there many people in your list to whom you could not forgive? Is it easy for you to forgive anyone who offended you?

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. Eph_4:32

My Son

I was a prostitute. I was not born as prostitute but was made to trade my body and put into the trade. I did not like ever my profession then survival would be tough. Selling anything that belong to me for money was business but not the God given body, I knew. Now, for different reason, I was going to palace to meet the King. A wisest one. Everyone told so. He should be at least wise enough to solve my problem and it was going to be a great challenge for him, indeed. It was such a complex, mystifying case that no one in our place could solve it. You might heard about people fighting for land, property, money, position, woman and many things but not for a child. My case was my child.

My friend, who stayed with me in the house killed her baby accidentally, was claiming that my baby was hers. One baby and Two mothers. It was so peculiar. No clinic was around to check the DNA and decide whose baby it was. I told my case to many but none could solve the problem and settle the case. Finally…it reached to king, King Solomon.

King heard our case patiently and ordered to bring a sword. Sword? For what? I got confused what the sword was going to do with determining the ownership of a baby?  As it was not enough, king ordered to cut my baby into two pieces and to give me one…..Ohooo NOoooooo……! It was not a cake nor bread to share and taka a half. I came here with hope to get justice and also to get my baby back. I thought king was so wise and would give right judgment. I got shocked and really shocked to hear king’s this order. Were they telling this king as wise?

The baby was mine. I carried it in my belly for 9 months and I suffered for it and I bore it with hell of pain. I knew this baby was mine. But when my friend too was telling the same…and sword was on its way to give us half each…. My friend, as good as stone was standing and staring me with fire on her eyes. Cruel feeling and satisfaction was all over her face. No pain and no sorrow. She was ready to receive the half baby, even it was dead. How a mother would in the world can do this? I knew she wasn’t the mother of this baby.

The sword was about to cut the baby into half. But the baby was laying there with smile on its face not knowing what was going around. Just like a beautiful flower a cute angel…of mine. My son.

I cried at the top of my voice and it echoed in court hall.


Everyone was looking at me. Including the king. was true that I was a prostitute, born, grew and living in shame. But I was a mother. Mother of that living baby of mine. If I was not going to get, let it live. I did not want my son to be killed. Let it be alive. Do not kill my son in front of me…my heart can’t bear it. Before killing him, just kill me. I broken and fall on the ground with tears begged the king not to kill my son.

I got my son back and a place in The Bible.

You know what happened next and the rest was history. 

Yes..Love. Love is pure. Love lives for others and never want another one to die. True love can’t stand for ruining other. 

Help comes from….!

We were approaching Coimbatore and we were on our way to Ootty for family outing. and the joy inside the car was just overflowing. Suddenly, car bumped with some unusual sound and my son pulled the car off the road to find rear right tyre was flatten.

Time was 3.20 PM and sun was so hot. My wife and two daughters, two sons all came out of the car and were standing in the scorching sun. What was next? Jack up the vehicle, take out flatten tyre and put the spare tyre and continue the journey. It was very simple. But none of us know how to do this simple thing. My elder son was searching in Owner’s Manual for help and I was searching out on the road for help. Our family was sweating and waiting. My two daughters, aged 10 & 14, were became so reddish and we all were very panic. None of the passing cars stopped for help. My younger son took a lift and went to find a nearest tyre shop for assistance came back with disappointment. My sons were brand new drivers. Though they were so smart in every other things but they did not know how to take out the spare tyre from its compartment, where to place the jack and replace the flattened tyre.

It was a remote area and no garage around. No one was stopping to help. Neither have we known to help us. What was next? How do we get a help? Time was running fast.

Almost after 10 minutes of panic n waiting….it happened. Unexpectedly. Amazingly. Surprisingly.

A pick-up truck came and stopped in front of our car. A young man got out of the vehicle. Without asking any question to us, he retrieved the spare tyre from its compartment, jacked up the car, loosened the bolts and took out the flatten tyre. Fixed the spare tyre and tightened the bolts. He completed all things in no time with sheer joy and naturalness.

He turned to me and said…” car is ready and now you can continue your journey, sir…”

I was standing speechless as I did not know who he was, who had sent him or why did he do this help to us. He started to walk towards his car He gently refused to take the money we offered as a token of appreciation and. As he approached his car, turned back and smiled at us, waved his hands and entered into his truck. He and his truck moved on to the highway and slowly disappeared from our sight.

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth Psalm 121:2(NLT)


I am sick of this bed and total rest.

Yes, I wanted a nice sleep on nice bed but not in the hospital room, though it was having good interior and air-conditioned. Except my face, entire body was covered with special white cloth and it can be called as bandage. I cannot tell where it was aching because my brain could not pinpoint all the locations. So many cuts, bruises, breaks and fractures…all over the body.   

Little fun and careless run. Exceeded the speed. It was an ugly turn and things turned very ugly. My speeding bike skidded in that ugly turn and my helmet-less head banged on the ground with all force. Then I loudly cried for help. Few seconds later, my brain stopped to record anything and I became unconscious.

Already 3 or 4 major surgeries had done. 3 months bed rest prescribed to me and I was going to miss 3 month of my college and   also 5th semester exams. All things turned upside down in a fraction second.

The thing was totally different with my friend.

He too was riding the bike of same model.

He too was crazy about speed. 

In fact, he too was riding the bike without wearing helmet.

 He too met with an accident in the very same ugly curve.

But the impact was different.

He would have lost his life if he had not worn the helmet just in time. When I went to his house to meet him after the accident, he told me that he had heard some ‘voice’ telling him to wear helmet. When he ignored that voice and continued to ride, the voice became more louder. Alarmed by it, he took and worn the helmet, just 5 minutes before the accident. Yet the accident was near fatal but his head was protected. And not too many bruises or any fractures as it were to me. After a week of that accident, he started to go to college.

Why….? Why…? If I could have heard that voice, me too have escaped.

The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice… and they follow Me. John 10:27 (AMP)